LED capsules offer a long-life, energy-saving alternative to traditional halogen capsules found in many kitchen units and fittings. Designed as a retrofit to existing fixtures, these capsules make it easy to replace your old bulbs, enhancing your space with modern efficiency.

LED capsules are available in two main types: G4 and G9. G4 capsules are low voltage versions, mainly used in cooker hoods and integrated kitchen spotlights. To access the bulb within, you may need to remove the fixture itself. G4 fittings resemble two small vertical spikes protruding from the base of the bulb, which simply slot into the lamp.

G9 capsules look similar to G4 capsules but are distinguished by their fittings, which appear as two small loops at the base of the bulb. Unlike low voltage G4 capsules, LED G9s operate on mains voltage but serve similar purposes. These capsules are also retrofit to existing fittings, and installing them is straightforward once you've accessed the lamp.

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