Advanced MxPro 5 Remote Display Terminal Standard Network

The remote terminals utilise the same graphical LCD user interface that can be found on the MxPro 5 series fire panels and are based upon the same advanced, flash based, microprocessor technology. The MxPro 5 panels and remote terminals can communicate over the same 2-core network cable. They feature an integral network interface incorporating a special screen termination to prevent mains frequency earth-loop currents flowing between network nodes.
  • Programmable switch input
  • Graphical LCD Display
  • Ad-NeT/Ad-NeT+ Compatible
  • Slide-in Labels
  • Small, Robust & compact
  • 24V DC Operating voltage
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Disable/enable options
Estimated delivery 5-7 Working days
£499.71 £599.65
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Estimated delivery 5-7 Working days
£499.71 £599.65