Aico EI413 RadioLINK Professional Interface Panel Module

Aico RadioLINK Panel Interface Module that provides an interface between RadioLINK alarms and accessories and fire alarm/security alarm panels. The module will decode a fire, carbon monoxide and fault signals from RadioLINK devices and activate the panel accordingly and will also work the other way, activating the domestic alarms if it receives a signal from the panel. The module is powered either directly from the panel system or from an external source. On receiving a Volt-free switched hardwi
  • Stand alone unit designed to interface to RadioLINK alarms, fire alarm & security panels
  • Powered by 12-24V DC from panel or 3rd party source
  • Volt free output contacts
  • 5 year guarantee
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£43.64 £52.37
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Estimated delivery 3-5 Working days
£43.64 £52.37