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Welcome to the Ansell Lighting brand page at Mastertrade Supplies. Established in 1992, Ansell Lighting is renowned for designing and manufacturing high-quality internal and external lighting solutions. Serving both public and private sectors, Ansell Lighting places quality and sustainability at the core of its operations.

With headquarters in Warrington and Belfast, and state-of-the-art showrooms in Belfast, Warrington, Madrid, and Dublin, Ansell Lighting has grown into a global operator, supplying products to over 26 countries. The brand is synonymous with innovation in lighting design, having won multiple awards for their energy-efficient luminaires and the industry-leading lighting control system, Octo.

Ansell Lighting offers a comprehensive range of products for commercial, industrial, and retail applications. Their diverse product types include smart lighting, downlights, track lighting, pendants, wall lights, LED strip lighting, cabinet and bathroom fittings, bulkheads, bollards, feature lighting, floodlights, street lights, high/low bay lighting, battens and weatherproofs, commercial linear lighting, commercial modular lighting, emergency lighting, and the AFIX system. This extensive selection ensures that there is a solution for every lighting need.

Ansell Lighting's showrooms in Belfast, Warrington, and Dublin showcase their cutting-edge lighting solutions. These venues are frequently visited by wholesale customers, contractors, architects, and consultants who trust the quality and innovation on display. Their comprehensive product range includes wholesale and specification products designed for exceptional quality, low energy consumption, ease of installation, and optimum control, all backed by unmatched pre- and post-sales support.

Their expert lighting design service collaborates with designers on prestigious installations worldwide, making them a trusted partner for specifiers, architects, and contractors. Ansell Lighting's streamlined manufacturing and assembly facilities ensure efficient and responsive service, with rigorous testing conducted by their design, engineering, and quality control teams.

Pioneering the release of their first low-energy LED products in 2004, Ansell Lighting continues to lead in sustainable lighting solutions, prioritizing the reduction of their carbon and waste footprint.

Since its inception, Ansell Lighting has consistently grown, expanding its product range and distribution capabilities. The company’s commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability has made it a leader in the lighting industry.

For more information, visit or contact their customer service team at +44 (0)1942 433333.

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