Super Rod CRSD Super Deluxe Kit 10x1M Rods c/w 8 Accessories

The Deluxe Set has a choice of four flexibilities, 10 metres of rod and 8 cable handling attachments, allowing you to take on difficult cable routing tasks. Attachments include the Super Beam and Super Magnet, allowing you to inspect dark voids and retrieve dropped tools. The Deluxe Set enables examination, planning and installation of the fastest and most economical route; requiring less drilling, fixing and making good. Ideal for professional electricians, data installers etc.
  • Comprehensive set of rods and attachments
  • 10 metres, with 4 Flexibilities
  • 8 Attachments, including the Super Magnet and Super Beam
  • All rods are manufactured from the unique material Adoxim 5
  • Supplied in robust carry tube
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£104.65 £125.58
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Stock available Next working day
£104.65 £125.58