Wylex 10 Way Dual RCD Consumer Unit c/w 8 MCBs & Blanks

WNM1769 is a populated 18th Edition Metal High Integrity?Consumer Unit that comes complete with 8 MCB's, allowing 2 free ways either as blank ways or extra MCB's or RCBO's. This split load consumer unit is supplied with 3 x 6a,?1 x 16a and?4 x 32a MCB's, 1 x 100a DP Main Switch and 2 x 80 Amp Type A RCD's, this unit offers extra value over the standard un-loaded version NMRS10SSLMHI.
  • Dual RCD or High Integrity – with space for RCBOs
  • 100A twin terminal mains isolator
  • Type A RCDs (80A rated)
  • Cable entries on all sides
  • Lockable visor
  • Compact enclosure size
  • Fully compliant with BS EN 60439-3
  • 18th Edition Compliant
  • Comes with 3 x 6a, 1 x 16a, 4 x 32a MCB's
Stock available Next working day
£65.45 £78.54
Stock available Next working day
£65.45 £78.54